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Gaia's Grub is a new family business, we are Lauren & Mark Taylor. We've been together since 1999 and have 4 children. Meals together around the table have always been a huge part of family life and for the most part, our family ate just like everybody else's.

Lauren went vegan in 2014 whilst still cooking 'normally' for the rest of the family. In 2015 Mark watched a documentary that made him question the way he saw food - not only from the animals perspective but also the environmental impact the meat and diary industry has on our planet. Mark always knew Lauren had a soft spot for animals and could understand that she didn't want to eat meat and dairy for the animals sake but he had never been educated in how the global animal agricultural industries affect our planet until now.

There are so many great alternative products out there now that we found it easy to just carry on eating the same foods - just vegan ones. Vegan nuggets, vegan sausages etc etc and all from our favourite supermarkets. Even when it came to eating out, there are so many restaurants constantly improving their menus to cater for a plant based diet.


The only down side in continuing to eat 'meat replacement' products, was that it became a little expensive and very processed.

So we looked at what other vegan families ate? How did they manage to have a vegan family and still let the kids enjoy the usual kiddy friendly food? It was a real eye opener, we suddenly had a plethora of new and colourful things to cook, adapt and experiment with. Now, these new ingredients are not actually new at all, since the start of time humans/apes ate plants, veg, fruit etc and were big, strong & healthy. We watched more and more documentaries which revealed health benefits, medical benefits, environmental benefits and for Lauren most importantly cruelty free benefits! No animal had to suffer or die when there are so many choices available now. 

Our eyes are now open to a whole new world of possibilities of how and what to cook and we want to share that with you, whether or not you want to just have a vegan day a week or cater for your vegan friend? Maybe you are trying Veganuary but don't know where to start? Maybe you are having friends with dairy or egg allergies over to eat or friends with religious beliefs that can benefit from a no meat or milk menu?

We want to help you on your journey no matter what the reason is... we just want to show people how tasty vegan food can be! Our meals are packed with goodness, nutrients, colour, flavour and fun! They are filling and give you that feeling attached to memories of family meals! 

We really love creating new meals and discovering the next new thing to make and share with you.

Lauren & Mark

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Gaia's Grub

Whitefield, Manchester, UK